Voter Guides

Alongside other affiliates of the Alliance for Youth Action, Forward Montana has been producing and distributing the Great American Voter Guide since 2014. In 2016, Forward Montana distributed 60k print voter guides across the state with information compiled by young Montanans and for all Montanans.

We’ve had over 3,000 conversations with our peers about #WhyWeVote. From those conversations, we created questions for candidates across the state with the help of local, young Montanans.

Keep an eye out for our voter guides in your school paper, your fav coffee shop, and online this fall!

What voters say

“The Forward Montana guides are usually the only truly impartial voting guides I can usually find during election season. I appreciate that they take the time to ask about issues that are both important nationally and locally. Through their guides and the research they do, they give our generation a voice in elections when most other organizations would rather pretend that the young generation of voters simply don’t exist”

– Devin M., Missoula