Rachel Huff-Doria

Executive Director

Inside the Office: Rachel loves to lead our board, staff, and volunteers in planning efforts by asking heady questions like, “In 5 years, how can we ensure young Montanans’ values are better represented in our government?” and “How do we make sure the coffee pot is turned off when we leave?”.

Outside the Office: Rachel frequents Montana hot spots–hot springs, hot tubs, saunas, bubble baths, sunny spots on the floor.

Kiah Abbey

Deputy Director

Inside the Office: Kiah loves creating color-coded spreadsheets for all of our campaigns (aka learning new Excel algorithms).

Outside the Office: Kiah spends her time falling in love over and over again with her perfect cat, Puddy.

Catherine Shepard

Operations Coordinator

Inside the Office: Catherine plays mom to staff and board members: ”Be sure to finish your paperwork.” “Remember you have a grant report due next week.” “Wash your @*$#ing dishes.”

Outside the Office: Catherine will be playing guitar, having been inspired seeing Bonnie Raitt live twice in one week–2,400 miles driven for one legendary red-haired goddess who, consequently, loves voter registration and mobilization as much as we do. 

Sarah Korn

Development Coordinator

Inside the Office: Sarah expands youth power by managing and expanding our piggy bank.

Outside the Office: Sarah enjoys whipping up gourmet cupcakes to share with her co-workers.

Kelsey Douville

Bozeman Field Manager

Inside the Office: Kelsey enjoys seeing how many students she can get to take out their headphones while registering voters on campus.

Outside the Office: Kelsey spends her time convincing her partner that it’s time to get a dog.

Michael Nelson

Billings Field Manager

Inside the Office: Michael can be found ugly crying every time our volunteers and interns change the world (even by a little bit).

Outside the Office: Michael loves drinking dry cabernets to “improve his French”.

Erin Miller

Missoula Field Manager

Inside the Office: Erin is doing her best to know the whos who and the whats what after relocating to Missoula from Kentucky in January 2018. #AspiringHBIC

Outside the Office: Erin can be found basking in the sun like an iguana.


George Wolcott, Conservation Policy Fellow

Amara Reese-Hansell, High School Outreach Coordinator

Cam Doran, Bozeman Field Organizer

Sara Humpheres-Ginther, Missoula Field Fellow